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User's guide

The mayor's chat allows direct communication with the "Paer en Cap", or Mayor of Lleida. Several days before it is held, the chat website will allow any user connected to the Internet to begin to present proposals, suggestions and complaints which will be answered on the day of the chat itself.

The duration of the chat will be approximately one hour, and it will be held once per month.

Any User wishing to access the service and communicate with the mayor must provide a real name, e-mail address and screen name. The chat also offers the possibility to consult the public dialogues between the mayor and other users without the requirement to identify oneself.

Any User wishing to converse with the mayor must do so properly, expressing him or herself clearly and comprehensively, bearing in mind the highly varied nature of the audience.
Users must take part in accordance with the rules of good conduct, manners and respect for others.
In order to take part, users must accept the conditions laid out in the Legal Notice of the mayor's chat.

The chat will have a moderator, and improper contributions will thus not receive a reply.

Lleida City Council accepts no responsibility for the proposals, suggestions and complaints which may be expressed by users of the mayor's chat.